Leia & Hot Dog

Woke up to a rainy Saturday… felt so good to be in bed listening to raindrops. Mil took Leia out for breakfast at the coffeeshop. Bret and I went for lunch.

I treated the man to korean bbq at tampines one. Then he reminded me; grocery shopping at the supermarket. Gone were the days we would walk around the mall aimlessly… our sweet dates have evolved to errands date.

Evening we had dinner at Sushi Tei…around 8.30pm we were done. I thought it was still early so our little girl requested for a trip to ikea. Bret intend to get an outdoor table. Like a sales assistant, Leia would helpfully point at some tables asking her dad, “How about this?”

Leia wanted to hang out longer at the kids section. We had to lure her away with ikea hot dogs.


She didn’t want ice cream because there was no chocolate flavour. But she was intrigued by diy ice cream. Leia inserted the coin & pushed the start button to dispense the swirling ice cream.

I do enjoy bringing Leia out at night.

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