Friday Fish Farms

Its a long weekend for Leia & me. We joined my parents & siblings to Sakura for lunch buffet at downtown east.


Food quality is not as good… although they have dessert section that was pretty appealing .. especially for the kids. They love jellos.


Leia had fun with the chocolate fountain.


Adult $17.99 lunch… Price is really cheap. I like the sambal clams best. However it was the companionship that I enjoyed more.

Leia likes family outing, she was holding my brother’s girlfriend hands as they walked. Kelvin commented she seemed to be on excursion.

After lunch, we went Pasir Farmway to look at fishes. My brothers are into fishing and they read up a lot about fishes. Youngest brother was a student & he got a part-time job to fulfill his dream of getting a aquarium tank which cost him $3000.

If it’s worth having, work for it.”

Kelvin drove us to three fish farms. Leia is standing in front of the arowana farm.


I got her to choose some fishes and we settled for orange-yellow guppies. Kelvin bro helped to choose the nice guppies for his niece.


Mum says Leia has joined the “Fish Club” and her new responsibility includes feeding her own fish. Little girl was eager to feed her fishes. She named the 3 fishes “Super why”, “Super reader” & “Princess Presto”.

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