Purpose in Life

Do you like making a difference to others?  People I have met would do everything they can to bring happiness to their partner and children. Sometimes I wonder, what about the rest of the people around them?

My work constantly brings new people into my life. With a growing network, I chose to mingle closely with kind and appreciative people. And I never stinge on genuine compliments and encouraging them in their strengths. When they need help, I find joy in reaching out my hand to them.

Recently, I matchmake two like-minded guys in setting up a business together. Both men do not know each other at all but after few meetings, they have started investing their money into the business. My friend told me he trusts me hence he went ahead with a stranger. He was amused by his actions. I replied to one of them “I only mix with good people” To be precise, I like people who are filial and respects others.

Be the reason someone smile today.

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