Productive with Widgets

Being a working mother, I find myself multi-tasking more than ever. Basically, its a forced-upgrade of my brainprocessor to unlimited memory and running at turbo speed. Alright, brain can do so much but for me, I delegate the memory task to …the useful widgets installed in my smartphone.

Something about pregnancy and mothers suffering from memory loss…In fact, my memory wasn’t any good before I was married to Bret. A fellow mother introduced “Gingko Pills” to boost brain memory and I got it off the shelves from Watson. Seemed to help although I only consumed two bottles. As soon as I started working, the constant stimulation aids my brain to work better each day. Also, technology increases productivity if you use it right.

Currently, I am using Samsung Galaxy S5. I am sticking to android phones because of the widgets on my home screen where I can look at my appointments at one glance. The moment an event was scheduled, I would key into my phone calendar. With the to-do list widgets visible on my phone screen, I am able to get things done before the tasks turned from important-to-urgent.

Besides Widgets, I like Samsung S5 because…

1. Longer lifespan of Hp Battery

2. Smaller in size. Fits well in my mini clutch

3. HDR Camera for vivid pictures

4. Selective Focus Camera to blur out background

5. Beauty Face is a camera mode that auto enhances portrait

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