Leia at Singplay System, Changi Airport

Last Sat we had lunch at Dian Xiao Er, Changi Airport T3. Leia loves the fish maw soup & herbal duck a lot.

After lunch, we went to basement. Strolled around & decided to let leia have an hour of Sing Play System. She was in absolute paradise playing & making new friends.


With supermarket, playgrounds, retail stores, eateries & food court… Bret commented basement seemed so much like a shopping mall. Indeed.

There were many young children having a great time at the family-oriented mall within Changi Airport. If only we can fly with Leia… gotta be next yr.

Housework Day

Wednesday was a public holiday. Made Fried rice and heat up Leftover Hotpot ingredients with Soup for lunch. Leia’s eyes brightened up the moment she had a sip of soup. It was delicious. Feeling homely, Bret and I did housework instead of heading out.

In the kitchen, he did washing while I took out my rainbow vaccum to clean the floor in the living room. The little girl said, “Everyone is doing something. What about me?” I can’t be more glad to know my girl wants to pitch in despite the freewill to play toys or ipad.

So… I gave Leia the handheld vaccum 🙂


The vaccum was just right for Leia. With specific instructions, I did a short demostration. It was not her first time and this time, I saw improvement. Focused in vaccuming the hair and anything on the floor, my cinderella did quite a good job. Like adults, the 4 yr old looked satisfied with her contribution in keeping the house clean.

I reckon children do enjoy housework with their parents.

Hotpot & Masks

On public holiday eve, Bret and I did grocery shopping at cold storage for hot pot ingredients. Reached home, I prepared the soup by boiling carrots, corns and vegetable for the broth.

We invited Cousin Esther and her son, Jaydan over to join us. Every Friday Leia will go to Aunt’s place to play with Jaydan. The duo have become buddies.

I bought a Mask Making Kit from Smiggle.


Here is Leia’s work!

Comes with 20 masks. The kids had fun making their masks and they pretended to be lions scaring each other. The laughter of children reminds us how simple it is to be happy.

Library Books – Oct 2014

Bret went woodland for errands. In that 2 hours, I found some phonics activity books and interesting library books for Leia. Woodlands Regional Library tops my list for best varieties of children books.

Decided to borrow the book title, “Amelia Bedelia’s First Library Card”.


From Source Barnes and Noble:

In the picture book Amelia Bedelia’s First Library Card, young Amelia Bedelia and her classmates visit the library. Exploring the shelves of books, volunteering at the front desk, and meeting the librarians is so fun! But Amelia Bedelia’s favorite part is getting her very own library card.

After reading the book, I took out Leia’s library card ! Her eyes widened instantly at the surprise. Didn’t take long for Leia to reveal a smile full of pride as she reads out her name on the card.

At the shelves of junior section, a set of books caught my attention. Timmy and Tammy by Ruth Wan-Lau and illustrated by Eliz Ong.


Let Me Read encourages young readers with frequent sight words and sounds. What I love most was the local flavour 🙂 The titles: Food Court, Singapore Flyer, Mrt were close to our hearts.


About the author,

Ruth Wan-Lau has worked in public communications and as a writer and editor of children’s books for 15 years. A lover of books and all things wordy, Ruth taught her two sons and her daughter to read fluently by age four…”

The set of books can be purchased online here.

I love libraries.

Couple Time on Tues

It was his off day. We woke up playing “Plants vs Zombie 2” on our mobile phone. Followed by shower and getting dressed. Verbally we list down the things to fulfil.

11.30am Lunch
12.00pm Woodlands (He went to do some work while I found some books from the library)
2.30pm Central (Collect Free Samsung Tab)
3.00pm Osim (Get accessory)
3.30pm Grocery Shopping at Cold Storage
5.00pm Pick up Leia from School
6.00pm Hotpot Dinner at Home
9.00pm Cousin Esther and Jayden came over
12.30pm Lights out

For the entire day Bret and I were having a harmonious time travelling from north to central to east. Doing things together and nuturing our relationship with humour & words of appreciation throughout the day.

That night, the happy husband planted more than usual pecks on my cheeks and several surprise hugs from behind 🙂

Pray & Always believe something Wonderful is going to Happen”