Universal Studio -Sept 2014

Came as a surprise to me that Bret would agree to our inpromptu suggestion to Universal Studio …


He drove to our destination and I bought the 1 Day Pass at the ticketing counter. We received $10 meal voucher per adult. After entering the park, we decided to convert the Day Pass to Semi-Annual Pass.


Universal Studio rekindled our moment at Disneyland. Our first ride, Madagascar.


Queuing… part of the Disneyland memory.


After the boat ride, we got Leia to take a picture at the bench. She was in the mood for photos.


Then we moved on for a brief exploration as we will be back again. Leia wanted to take a picture with Elmo.


And sesame street characters..


Entering a theme park with cartoon characters make children really happy. Leia was posing a lot.


Far far away castle…


Leia didn’t want to go home.. even though she was actually tired after walking around the park for 3 hours.


Cousin Karen took us to The Accelerator Ride. Leia laughed & said “I like this!!!”


She enjoyed being around Jayden, her friday playmate.


We ended our trip with churos & soft serve using our meal vouchers. Everyone was worn out and Leia fell asleep as soon as Bret started driving.

Currently, there is no hollywood dream parade & fire works for October due to Halloween Night. Also, Universal Studio may be closed for private event. Do check out their opening hours and schedule of parade here.

Cousin Karen, Cousin Esther and Jayden are annual pass holders. We will be back again 🙂

Universal Studio Singapore

8 Sentosa Gateway Resorts World Sentosa,

Sentosa Island Singapore 098269

Opening hours: 10am – 8pm

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