Birthday Celebration at School – 2014

Friday was Leia’s actual 4th birthday . Bret and I took time off work to prepare & celebrate our little girl’s birthday. Began with lunch at Changi City Point and then last min shopping at The Party Stuff. Main agenda was to get My Little Pony Party Favours. About half an hour later, we went Yishun to collect the customised cake from my trusted baker, Candy.

Reached school, Bret and I were asked to wait for a while as the teachers need to arrange the table settings. When the class was ready, Leia excitedly ran towards Bret while I prepared the cake by placing the twillight pony toy onto the cake.


In their seats, her classmates went “Rainbow!” & then “My little pony!”. Leia was the birthday girl walking around happily. The teachers helped to place the candles followed by orchestrating a birthday song. Leia was a little shy when all eyes on her. After blowing out the candles, the teachers helped to coordinate photo taking.

Here’s one with the girls…


Another with the boys…


Leia had the first cut of her very own birthday cake before her teachers cut the cake.


The birthday girl helped to distribute the cakes to her friends. She served the first slice of cake to her best friend.


We also invited our special guest, Best Friend B’s daughter, Shevon from another class to join us in the celebration.


Last but not least, Bret and Leia gave the party favours to Shevon & her friends.


The boys were giggling at the pink my little pony items. Well, once in a while some pink in their life . All in all, I could see Leia and everyone in class enjoying the cake & moment. It was another short yet joyful birthday celebration at Mindchamps.

My officially 4 year old girl was wearing Snoopy Dress from Latte Kids.


Special thanks to my sweetest friend, Candy for the last minute order. She makes awesome looking & delicious cakes. The pink fluffy sponge cake smelled like lychee and tasted great with fresh lychee fruits. Many kids asked for 2nd helpings.

Having a long trip at the begining of the month followed by a strings of important events have led me to arrange Leia’s birthday celebrations at the very last few hours. Best friend B was my soulmate to hear me out on my plans and give me pointers 🙂

Not forgetting the hubby who was constantly reminding me of the deadline & chauffeuring me around to get the neccesary items for our little girl’s bday celebrations.

Next entry… her celebration with our grandparents.

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