Birthday Celebration at Home – 2014

After Leia’s birthday celebration at school, I went to collect her ice cream cake from Swensons. We have another party with his family. Another dress from Latte Kids. And her Princess Celestial Pony from my bro Kelvin.


Bret and I ordered food for the party at ktv room.


My sis, Jasmine had bought Frozen Puzzles and Leia had bonding time with Grandma.


Soon her playmate, Jayden arrived. They opened up the party favor & started playing with the toys.


Bret and our guests entertained ourselves with ktv songs.


9pm we got our Frozen cake ready. Leia’s first ever ice cream cake.


We get to choose two flavours and I picked Chocolate & Butterscotch. The combination was so good, exceeded our expectations.


The night was still young. Leia continued to play with Jayden. Little girl unwrapped her presents. Within a week, she formed her pony squad.


Leia slept around midnight. Cousin Karen stayed over at our place and we chatted till 2am 🙂

4 years ago, on 26 September 2010 …I was in the labour ward hearing Leia’s newborn cry. Bret almost teared and I knew I would be different.

“Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child. But what you gained from having one.”

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