Best Friends B & C

Before the birthday celebrations begin, I get to meet two of my best friends.

Beelian had given birth to a charming baby boy named Lucien. I have visited my best friend twice and will be seeing her again soon. We have talked about confinement, newborn and travel. After I left, we continued our daily bits of conversation over whatsapp.

If you two talk from “good morning” till “good night”, never let that person go.”

On wednesday, I get to catch up with my dearest Caiyan before she leaves for Perth the next day. We had japanese food together for the first time. In the past, we would tell each other how nice it felt to eat solo at the sushi counter at itacho enjoying matsu-set. This time, we had itacho together. There were so much to chat about and time was running out. The nex time I see her will be in Perth 🙂

Definitely a “Best Friends” week for me.

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