Twillight Sparkle for Leia

Last evening, we went to the mall for dinner. Leia saw My Little Pony plushies & we got her the medium sized plushie. She chose the purple pony…Twillight Sparkle.

Princess Twilight Sparkle is super smart and a natural born leader. She is good at helping her pony friends use their skills and talents to get the job done, while discovering new things about herself and all her amazing friends!”

She adores Twillight dearly and insisted on bringing her new love out with us.


When we reached our destination, she had to leave Twillight in the car. We were attending Baby Jayden’s Full Month Party. There were many little girls in the house. Balloons are good idea to keep the children occupied.

Photo time with Baby Jayden.


Leia gently touched the baby. She is ready to be a bigger sister but… timing. Maybe next year. So meantime, we will treasure every moment with our one and only precious little girl.


Early Birthday Present, we got her My Little Pony Friendship Rainbow Kingdom.

Love you much Leia!

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