Day 4: Istanbul, Turkey 2014

On the last day at Turkey, my friends and I were craving for asian food. In my mind, “Char Kway Teow”. My roomie was thinking of sushi. So we had buffet lunch at the hotel.




Cake …


Desserts  ….




Buffet lunch at singapore has more varieties. I was missing family & home. Before we leave, we had Traditional Turkish bath. In our bathrobes before bath. We had our bath at this gorgeous marbled bathroom on a heated marble bed. Started off with splashes of warm water followed by full body scrub and bubble massage before thorough rinse. After 40mins we were done. I was hoping for more… and thankful it was a treat from boss.

Fresh and cleaned, we rest at the luxurious lobby waiting for our transport to airport. The long flight to home sweet home was all worth it.

Bret and Leia came to pick me from airport. My little girl was so excited to see me walking towards the car. Happy moment.

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