Thoughts …

Travelling with Bret to Santorini has brought our relationship to another level. He has finally opened up to long hual flight & … exploring the world 🙂

The people on the island were friendly and incredibly nice. We were overwhelmed by their warmest hospitality. When we first arrived Firostefani, we do not know which direction leads us to our hotel. As we pulled our luggage along the uneven paths, a man on the street asked which hotel we were heading to..and he arrowed us to the right direction. We were so thankful. Then the hotel manager gave us a surprise complimentary upgrade to suite with the most spectacular view. Bret and I experienced the impeccable beauty of nature at the comfort of our suite. Befriending the locals, we had conversations to know more about Greece & the island. And the unforgettable pasta, greek booze, driving around the foreign land, beach tanning at black & red beach were creation of fond memories we never want to forget.

Back at home, Bret and I do have quality time together as in we talk about our work and watch shows together.. however, travelling together in a new world breaks the daily routine at home and add zest into our relationships. Transporting to another world offers ample of opportunities for fun, quality time and romance meets life.  In a brand new environment, everything we see, eat, drink or do is intriguing to us.

Back in Singapore, Bret was driving and it was nearing sun set… at that moment, I had this thought..

“At Santorini, people look forward to sunset. They cheer and kiss when sun sets. Nobody in Singapore bothers about sunset. Although its the same sun we saw in Santorini, the feeling and sight is just so different.” 

Travel and adventures are the best way to learn. We come back feeling richer. I think I left my heart in Santorini.

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