Day 2: Santorini, Greece 2014 Part I

Woke up to an incredible view from our window. Bathed & I picked this outfit for 2nd day.


While waiting for Bret, time for selfie.


Then we made our way to the pool for breakfast at The Belvedere. We were wowed… the breakfast at this hotel was quite the highlight of our trip.


Hot dogs, eggs, bacon, cheese, tomatoes on this side.


On the other side, there were pastries, cereals, fruits & drinks. The bacon & tomatoes were absolute delicious so I had two helpings.


Both Bret and I were having the time of of life. Breakfast with a view we never want to forget…Here‘s a clip then he received a business call.


We were surrounded by beautiful nature and breakfast by the pool makes a divine experience.


After breakfast, we had to pack & check out… simply can’t bear to. We only spent a night at the Belvedere as the arrangement with my colleagues was that it will be more convenient for all of us to stay in Fira. So I booked this new boutique hotel called Central Fira.

Grey toned interior, room is spacious and we were given a bottle of wine.


Bed was fine… however I was not used to the fact that our room was on the 1st level. Took me the 2nd day to find that it is actually convenient.


The excellent location compensates for the lack of view. We were next to this great cafe & few minutes walk to main square. Lots of restaurants & shopping. On this island, tourists rent Atv (scooter) & mini cars. As we wanted to visit the beach, Bret rent a mini car. New & red.. just the way I like it.

His first time driving at a foreign land. In the beginning, he was pretty nervous & beneath my calm look, I was worried. After a while, he was good on the road. There was no gps, limited road signs .. we followed our senses & heart.


Our thrill and true adventure began….

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