Day 1: Santorini, Greece 2014 Part II

Walked out of our hotel room, we set our foot on the paths and experienced every moment of santorini with our senses. Because of the incredible views of nature, our cameras were on standby. Stomach growling, we walked our way to the streets of restaurants.


The restaurant was easy to locate, IL Cantuccio. Local time was close to 3pm so we were the only guests in the cozy restaurant. During dinner time, do make reservation.


I ordered the seafood pasta … my first taste of seafood from Aegean sea. The mussels were fresh and incredible. Pasta was perfectly prepared.


Bret went for the tomato & bacon penne. When it was served, I was a little doubtful however Bret had great compliments. I tried and it was mind-blowing. We have never had anything like this in Singapore. Greece is known for their tomatoes so… thumbs up!


The pasta was powerfully executed at its simplicity. Done with pasta, we began to explore Firostefani.


Firostefani is considered a touristic place hence there were many villas and hotels ascending harmoniously on its natural environment. Bret and I took the steps down..


We spotted a room with private tub. However, not so private actually.


On the streets, we passed by more hotels. And this one caught my attention.


Managed to snap an artisitic pic with my canon G12.


Here’s the exquisite Onar Cafe & Wine Bar.


Another angle of the cafe. White goes very well with sea, caldera and sky.


Besides restaurants, we saw art gallery and handmade crafts shop. If you notice clearly, the paths were uneven. At certain parts of the island, we seemed to be hiking under the sorching hot sun. I highly reccomend comfortable footwear. Bret and I were very sure that we were tanning as we ventured further into the town.


We bought our santorini cup as a sourvenir home from this shop below.


Santorini has around 450 chapels…we got to know this from our day tour guide engaged on the last day of Santorini. Here are some pictures.


The famous blue and white colours of Greece.


At one of the higher point of the island, we took a picture of the Fira.


Next entry… dinner time.

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