Home Sweet Home

I am back from my longest vacation! Bret returned home on the 6th while I travelled to Turkey with my colleagues. On the 10th, Leia and Bret picked me up from airport yesterday. Leia eyes brightened up and cheered “mummy” when she saw me. Could see that both the father & daughter missed me a lot. At DFS, I bought liquor for my hubby although he told me there is no need to, bought a m&m toy for Leia and foie gras for myself! My girl was overjoyed with the toy.

Went home, unpacked my luggage and did laundry. My thoughtful husband offered to help me line the wet laundry. Wanting to make up for the time lost for mother-daughter time, Leia told me she wants to follow me whenever I go.

This morning, I drove to Orchard with my little girl in the car. Behaving well and still bubbly, it was fun having her around in town with me. I wanted to get her new shoes and she spotted a boy with roller shoes. Determined to get a pair of roller shoes, she was walking around the store looking for shoes. We found Heelys however these really cool shoes are only available for 6 -7 years old.

Moved over to the toys section, Leia wanted this and that but I always make it point that I do not buy the toys upon her request so she is used to walking out of the store empty-handed yet still looking satisfied. Because I promised her I will get the toy for her but not on the same day. If she has a smiliar toy, I will prompt her and she is good to look at other toys. As she is used to keeping toys on her own, I reminded her that if she has too many toys she will take a long time to put away her toys. That helps too.

Before we could even finish our shopping, Bret was done. He walked over to Ion, Leia ran towards him. With the widest grin on his face, he lifted his girl up and she said, “I love you Papa.” We went itacho for lunch. Hungry Leia ate chawanmushi, three sushi and half a bowl of udon with soup. After lunch, Bret and I took her to Toy R Us and we shortlisted a toy. I was tempted to buy the toy on the spot but Bret wanted to maintain our principles towards toy shopping. Back home, I was really tired and took a nap.

The long hours of flight & transit worn me out. But with Bret’s new mentality towards travelling, we are looking forward to explore new places next year.

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