Sunday Home-Cooked Food

This morning, I prepared Leia’s lunch and Bret’s breakfast. Busy in the kitchen, my independent little girl brushed her teeth and changed into comfortable wear all by herself. She would put her pyjamas into the laundry basket and then opened the fridge to look for food.

“Coco Crunch!” said Leia. She took out a bowl for the cereal and I poured the milk.  Because she behaved so well, I let her add rainbow sprinkler.


The sprinklers brought lots of smiles to Leia. As expected, she finished everything in her bowl. Just nice, I was done with a simple american breakfast for Bret.


I steamed some buns to further fill up his stomach. Leia had macaronic soup with fu zhou fish ball. Once again, she finished all.

Before I left for my lunch appointment with friend, I cut some oranges and stored them in the fridge. Told Leia to have the fruits for afternoon snack.

When I returned from lunch, I rested for an hour before making mushroom soup and black pepper chicken steak for our home cooked dinner. Taste of mushroom soup was fine but I forgot to add flour for creamy texture. Ops.

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