Universal Studio -Sept 2014

Came as a surprise to me that Bret would agree to our inpromptu suggestion to Universal Studio …


He drove to our destination and I bought the 1 Day Pass at the ticketing counter. We received $10 meal voucher per adult. After entering the park, we decided to convert the Day Pass to Semi-Annual Pass.


Universal Studio rekindled our moment at Disneyland. Our first ride, Madagascar.


Queuing… part of the Disneyland memory.


After the boat ride, we got Leia to take a picture at the bench. She was in the mood for photos.


Then we moved on for a brief exploration as we will be back again. Leia wanted to take a picture with Elmo.


And sesame street characters..


Entering a theme park with cartoon characters make children really happy. Leia was posing a lot.


Far far away castle…


Leia didn’t want to go home.. even though she was actually tired after walking around the park for 3 hours.


Cousin Karen took us to The Accelerator Ride. Leia laughed & said “I like this!!!”


She enjoyed being around Jayden, her friday playmate.


We ended our trip with churos & soft serve using our meal vouchers. Everyone was worn out and Leia fell asleep as soon as Bret started driving.

Currently, there is no hollywood dream parade & fire works for October due to Halloween Night. Also, Universal Studio may be closed for private event. Do check out their opening hours and schedule of parade here.

Cousin Karen, Cousin Esther and Jayden are annual pass holders. We will be back again 🙂

Universal Studio Singapore

8 Sentosa Gateway Resorts World Sentosa,

Sentosa Island Singapore 098269

Opening hours: 10am – 8pm

Dim Sum for Brunch at Canton Paradise

The day after Leia’s birthday celebration, we had brunch at Canton Paradise.


Yummy. Bret loves dim sum & Leia requested for noodles. I had my salted egg custard bun. For a food review, do drop by Six and Seven.


Our happy girl insisted on bringing Princess Celestial out.


Cousin Karen, Cousin Esther & Jayden joined us. Over brunch, I suggested Universal Studio.

We had a common consensus, Yes!

Canton Paradise

112 East Coast Road
#B1-15, I12 Katong
Singapore 428802
Tel: 6344 8201
Fax: 6346 7287

Business Hours
Mon – Fri
11am – 10.00pm (last order at 9.30pm)

Sat, Sun & PH
10.30am – 10.00pm (last order at 9.30pm)

Birthday Celebration at Home – 2014

After Leia’s birthday celebration at school, I went to collect her ice cream cake from Swensons. We have another party with his family. Another dress from Latte Kids. And her Princess Celestial Pony from my bro Kelvin.


Bret and I ordered food for the party at ktv room.


My sis, Jasmine had bought Frozen Puzzles and Leia had bonding time with Grandma.


Soon her playmate, Jayden arrived. They opened up the party favor & started playing with the toys.


Bret and our guests entertained ourselves with ktv songs.


9pm we got our Frozen cake ready. Leia’s first ever ice cream cake.


We get to choose two flavours and I picked Chocolate & Butterscotch. The combination was so good, exceeded our expectations.


The night was still young. Leia continued to play with Jayden. Little girl unwrapped her presents. Within a week, she formed her pony squad.


Leia slept around midnight. Cousin Karen stayed over at our place and we chatted till 2am 🙂

4 years ago, on 26 September 2010 …I was in the labour ward hearing Leia’s newborn cry. Bret almost teared and I knew I would be different.

“Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child. But what you gained from having one.”

Birthday Celebration at School – 2014

Friday was Leia’s actual 4th birthday . Bret and I took time off work to prepare & celebrate our little girl’s birthday. Began with lunch at Changi City Point and then last min shopping at The Party Stuff. Main agenda was to get My Little Pony Party Favours. About half an hour later, we went Yishun to collect the customised cake from my trusted baker, Candy.

Reached school, Bret and I were asked to wait for a while as the teachers need to arrange the table settings. When the class was ready, Leia excitedly ran towards Bret while I prepared the cake by placing the twillight pony toy onto the cake.


In their seats, her classmates went “Rainbow!” & then “My little pony!”. Leia was the birthday girl walking around happily. The teachers helped to place the candles followed by orchestrating a birthday song. Leia was a little shy when all eyes on her. After blowing out the candles, the teachers helped to coordinate photo taking.

Here’s one with the girls…


Another with the boys…


Leia had the first cut of her very own birthday cake before her teachers cut the cake.


The birthday girl helped to distribute the cakes to her friends. She served the first slice of cake to her best friend.


We also invited our special guest, Best Friend B’s daughter, Shevon from another class to join us in the celebration.


Last but not least, Bret and Leia gave the party favours to Shevon & her friends.


The boys were giggling at the pink my little pony items. Well, once in a while some pink in their life . All in all, I could see Leia and everyone in class enjoying the cake & moment. It was another short yet joyful birthday celebration at Mindchamps.

My officially 4 year old girl was wearing Snoopy Dress from Latte Kids.


Special thanks to my sweetest friend, Candy for the last minute order. She makes awesome looking & delicious cakes. The pink fluffy sponge cake smelled like lychee and tasted great with fresh lychee fruits. Many kids asked for 2nd helpings.

Having a long trip at the begining of the month followed by a strings of important events have led me to arrange Leia’s birthday celebrations at the very last few hours. Best friend B was my soulmate to hear me out on my plans and give me pointers 🙂

Not forgetting the hubby who was constantly reminding me of the deadline & chauffeuring me around to get the neccesary items for our little girl’s bday celebrations.

Next entry… her celebration with our grandparents.

Chill with Bret

While I was finishing my dessert at E’s birthday, Bret sent me a picture of his drink at Harry’s. He was waiting for me alone at the bar.

After I part with my girls, I went to him. As he didn’t have to work the next day, we went Changi City Point to chill out.


On friday, the live band ends 10.30pm ..  kinda early. Hope to catch the live band earlier next time. Love the voice and songs.

Suckling Pig for Lovely E

Thursday was E’s birthday celebration. Knowing her food wish was Suckling Pig… H & I searched high & low for the item. Alas, we decided on Ban Heng at Harbourfront.

Our special friendship always lead us to do special things. It was our first time entering a wedding restaurant for birthday celebration. Also, we had a Dinner Set Menu for 6… it was the Suckling Pig & Shark Fin’s Special.

The highlight of the night…

E was happiest to see her favourite 🙂 and that’s not all. In total, we had a 9-course meal meant for 6. As expected, we had almost all the dishes packed home by the birthday girl for supper. According to the waiter, we are the only ones who had ordered for menu of 6 pax. Well.. all because we love our dearest E.

I love seeing my friends genuinely happy.”

Personally, I like the Fried Crispy Soon Hock and Chilli Crab.


Unexpectedly delicious. A bit spicier than usual chilli crab. yums.

Ban Heng @ HarbourFront


1 Maritime Square
#04-01 HarbourFront Centre
Singapore 099253

Business Hours

Lunch – 11:30am – 2:30pm
Dinner – 6:00pm – 10:00pm

Another wonderful celebration with the special ladies. Next month will be H’s birthday. We have booked a date with her.

Best Friends B & C

Before the birthday celebrations begin, I get to meet two of my best friends.

Beelian had given birth to a charming baby boy named Lucien. I have visited my best friend twice and will be seeing her again soon. We have talked about confinement, newborn and travel. After I left, we continued our daily bits of conversation over whatsapp.

If you two talk from “good morning” till “good night”, never let that person go.”

On wednesday, I get to catch up with my dearest Caiyan before she leaves for Perth the next day. We had japanese food together for the first time. In the past, we would tell each other how nice it felt to eat solo at the sushi counter at itacho enjoying matsu-set. This time, we had itacho together. There were so much to chat about and time was running out. The nex time I see her will be in Perth 🙂

Definitely a “Best Friends” week for me.