Massage & Hair

My mother loves hair salon that gives great relaxing massage during hair wash. She found one near Best Friend B house. My mother requsted massage and the ladyboss went on and on…. longer than usuals. Both my hands and entire back was massaged too. She was really generous with massage time and I felt very thankful. After my hair was done, I was shocked to know that it is only $13.

My parents picked up Leia from school. She needed to trim her hair. Now, she is willing to sit on her own and have her hair cut.


Still a bit impatient. The hair stylist as well as ladyboss was careful and fast. Trimmings of ends and fringe for S$6.

Watching my own daughter seated on her own for hair cut reminded me of how my mum used to take me to neighbourhood hair salon for hair cut. This time, three generations in the hair salon 🙂

Those little moments that mattered to me.” – Serena

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