Before my dream vacation…

One of the freakiest thing about Bret is that he doesn’t like to travel. I can totally imagine when he told me he tried to talkcomplain to his colleagues about our coming Santorini trip and how he was taken aback by their response like “Wow! Santorini !” For me, I am fine without travelling too although … I would like to experience difference cultures and interesting encounters. This year, I have skipped a few opportunities to travel with colleagues and I am not missing this one.

The thing about Santorini, I only decided last month. After I booked the tickets and accomodation, I was too excited to sleep. Enormous anxiety when one is so near to fulfil a dream vacation.

We are officially a weekend away from Greece, a place I have to visit before I leave this world. Its not Paris, not Maldives but the iconic blue and white Santorini. Situatied in the southern Aegean Sea, I am intrigued by its history, awesome volcanic landscape, cosmopolitan atmosphere, breathtaking sunsets and deep blue sea..

After Santorini, Bret will return on his own while I fly with my colleagues to Turkey. This weekend, I need to get an arabian costume for company dinner and dance held in Turkey. Coming from a couple who travelled a lot, they told me Turkey is one of the most beautiful place they have been. The way she described still leaves deep impression. I am sure this trip will be an eye-opener for me 🙂

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