Leia visits Aeroponics Farm

Another excursion for the term. This time, Bret and I accompanied our little girl. The theme for the term is about plants and so the kids will get to learn about “Growing things” through a guided tour where they learn and touch the vegetables & fruits.

First up, the kids get to see baby lettuce and touch the sponge necessary to grow the vegetable.. my little girl carrying her ladybug bag, gets to feel the texture of the sponge.


The tour led us to several types of plants. Just as other parents, Bret and I took pictures like papparazi. The teachers encouraged the little ones to touch and feel the vegetables then asked them about the textures and how it feels.


We learnt about plants having genders today and we saw fruits and vegtable such as guava, banana, corn, melons, gourd, chye sim, corn and etc. With teachers around, 4 years old kids were cooperative and well-disciplined with teachers. They actually listened to the guide and were able to answer questions asked by teachers. Never too young to explore and learn.


Leia entered a green house for the first time. A bit warm but at least, free from mosquitoes.


Moving around actively, Leia perspired and staying in the green house was quite a challenge until… she reached out for leaves.


The teachers firmly reminded the kids not to pluck the leaves. Analogy was used to help them understand that plucking leaves hurts the plant as though someone pulled their limbs.

Out of the green house, the kids spotted a red dragonfly. Teachers took the opportunity to refresh the content of “Insect Theme” for last term.


From this excursion,  Bret and I get to see how Leia interacts with her friends. She was especially close to two girls and the trio formed a little girls gang; they would call out to each other holding hands and singing their hearts out. Their laughter were loud enough to gather attention. I managed to take a short clip of them laughing.

Leia wanted to play with puppies. Could be her craze over Paw Patrol.


Leia took my handphone camera to take selfie with her favourite teacher and photos of other teachers who candidly posed for her.  And now, a class photo before we end the day.


Ms Lena says once Leia goes to kindergarten, there will be more excursions. Her graduated students had to get used to “no air-conditioners” in primary school. The teachers suggested more outdoor excursions for the kids..more sun and sweat!

Did a short clip of her excursion here.

Aero-Green Aeroponics Farm

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm.

Address: 260 Neo Tiew Crescent, Singapore 718899
(directly opposite to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve)
Tel: 67924298
Email: enquiries@aerogreentech.com.sg

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