Family Time on Friday

Bret took leave and we had Japanese Ramen for lunch. Leia was hungry and she loves noodles.


After lunch, Leia led us to Timezone Arcade. Our little girl had fun and we spotted a mini carousel.


Good time continued.. its becoming a family routine to have ice cream after a meal. Bret bought ice cream cones from Mcdonald.


Leia finished the chocolate ice cream cone all by herself. On the way back home, we noticed the sun was good for a swim. Reached home, we changed into swim wear. Bret and Leia brought their water guns to the pool.

Both father and daughter were laughing so much with water guns in action while I burn some calories in the pool. Didn’t bring my phone and this picture was taken using his phone camera.


Back home, we showered and it was time for my home massage by Auntie Nor. Bret and Leia were in the room busy with ipad and laptop.

Dinner was chinese food takeaway. We played games together before ending our Friday night.

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