Dayout with Sbff

Had an impromptu meet up with sbff, E. We started with coffee & fries at Mcdonald. Much to catch up and then we walked over to City Plaza for accessories shopping. Blessed to have E’s sharp eyes, we found necklaces at good price. As her evening appointment with friend was postphoned, we extended our precious time together.

Dinner at Seoul Yummy for the first time. The menu was really attractive and we had dinner which includes seafood stew as well as a side dish, kim chi pancake.


Taste wise, I will prefer Yoogane for korean dinner at bugis. By the way, it is pretty easy to make korean pancake at home. The key ingredient you will need is either kim chi or bean paste. 

Here is E and myself.


Before we part, E stepped into a chocolate shop and surprised me with a chocolate lollipop for Leia. Sbff is best known for her sweet surprises 🙂 

A sweet friendship refreshes the soul – Proverbs 27:9

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