Baby Chef: Orange Butter Cake

Yesterday we stocked up on fruits. Knowing Leia likes orange, I decided to get my baby chef to bake with me. This afternoon, we have special guest, Papa Chef to join us as Leia needs help to squeeze some orange juice.


I like to use Air Fryer because there is no need to preheat and baking time is shorter too. While “air frying”, the aroma of orange butter cake filled the house. My little girl sniffed her way to the air fryer and said, “I’m hungry.”

30 mins later, our cake is ready.


The smell was amazingly good. Zest and juice gives the moist butter cake a tangy after taste. Pretty refreshing.


For this recipe, I used the butter cake recipe here. In this orange butter cake, I used one sunkist orange and creamed the butter and sugar with orange zest. I added 80ml of orange juice when I combine the butter mixture with flour. 

Leia had three slices of orange butter cake. I figured this will go well with a cup of coffee.

Bon Appetit!

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