Saturday Cycling at ECP

At 12:30pm we were ready to set off for brunch and sun. Bret drove to East Coast Lagoon. Parking was suprisingly an ease and we ordered satay.image

I shared a bowl of duck porridge with Leia. The duck meat was bit difficult for her to chew and so she had chicken satay with porridge.


Done with food, we walked over to the bike rental shop. Bret suggested everyone shares the same bike so its a double seater bike with child seat for us.


We rent the bicycle for $15 an hour. Long time since Bret and I sorta exercise together. It was my first time riding on the same bike and after a while, I got the hang of it.

Riding together observing the environment, people and different stretches of east coast park was quite the best thing a family can do on weekend afternoon. Although Leia wasn’t riding, she told us it was fun. From time to time, she talked to Bret.

Leia: Papa.. I love you

Bret: I love you too!

Leia: Do you love mummy too?

Bret: Of course, my dear!

Several times, Leia asked for permission to ring the bell. We cycled for 30mins before calling a break.

Family Selfie


Our happy girl posing in her seat.


The weather was pretty good but we still perspired. In need of h20.

Cycling with Leia is a meaningful activity. With her grandpa, dad and even myself driving, she hardly get to experience other mode of transport. Riding together allows her to grow up knowing there are healthy, enjoyable, convenient, and environmentally friendly ways to get around other than cars.


Leia requested to feel the sand. Sure! Getting close to nature beats iPad and Tv. In order to have a healthy balance of gadgets and nature, Bret and I agree on more outdoor adventures for Leia on Saturday. 


Her little foot settled on the soft sand and then she spread her arms to feel cool sea breeze. That moment, I was reminded of the classic scene in “Titanic”.


After spending 10mins of sandy moments, we were back to cycling. Had to remind leia about scooter so we can cycle again. Returned the bicycle…and next to the rental shop, Leia spotted something. She said, “This looks interesting!”


We made her really happy by getting the pink saxophone toy and ice cream treats for all.


She loves chocolate like her daddy.


Children have terrific memory. Right after Leia finished her ice cream, she wanted to try out her new toy.


I poured the bubble mixture into pink saxophone and she was ready to blow. Curious Bret tried too.


Another great memory for Leia.

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