Leia visits Road Safety Park

Months ago, Bret mentioned about bringing Leia to Road Safety Park and since we were at East Coast Park might as well hop over. The park is opened 24hr.


Walking into the park rekindled memories of my primary school excursion. The Park hosts a pretend-play environment for children to learn about traffic and road safety. Children were given the opportunity to roleplay as pedestrain, cyclists or go-cart driver. Do click here for more information about Road Safety Park.


Today Leia gets to scoot around the park. Instead of staying in her own lane, the 3 year old was occupying two lanes most of the time. She was more eager to explore around.


We told her we reached the “bus stop” and she gave a doubtful look. Maybe because there was no bus.


Then she scooted her way to this bridge. Bret walked his little girl up the bridge.


Can you spot Leia?


After they walked down, Leia ran to the traffic light. Children likes to press buttons and see what happens.


Nothing happened so Leia moved on. There were several stations such as vicom and etc but I think the Shell Station was most interesting.

Bret even asked, “Is there a 7-11?”


Answer is Yes! Leia began to pump petrol.


All in all, our little girl had fun with her scooter at the park. She was reluctant to return home but at the same time, she was a bit tired.

Before home, we went supermarket to get groceries for our home-cooked korean dinner. 

2 thoughts on “Leia visits Road Safety Park

  1. And this is in Singapore or somewhere? I think in North America they would name such a park in a more cool way but with same stuff inside it.

    So does this park encourage a lot more locals to bicycle out on the roads and paths outside of the park?

    Enjoy your family rides….it doesn’t happen forever.

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