The Boiler with Jacky & Teresa

It was National Day and we had a dinner date with one of the most loving couple we know. The moment Leia overheard our conversation about dinner with the couple, she was on cloud nine. Jacky & Teresa have to be her favourite among Bret’s friends.

Thanks to the loving couple, we were able to visit interesting restaurants. The couple love exploring and tonight they decided on louisana seafood and beer at The Boiler.


There were many elements of surprise at The Boiler.

Surprise No.1

Location of the restaurant. Jacky commented the restaurant is a gem hidden among the industrial buildings. Indeed.

Surprise No.2

It is our first time eating seafood from the bag. Fried mantou was given for the sauce dips too. Do visit their website for pictures of seafood, the moment our bag of seafood galore was served, my hands got busy. Bret who is not into seafood, ate more than usual. Leia was busy munching fries and she likes the fish & chips.

Surprise No.3

Leia received a surprise kids’ gift from the restaurant, Foam art. That kept her busy for a while as adults get to chat. Very thoughtful gesture.

Surprise No.4

After we finished the awesome load of seafood, we wanted to order durian ice cream but we were told only the small-bite cheesecake was available. Teresa decided to go for one. When served, we saw three cheesecakes! The waiter told us their boss decided to give us complimentary cheesecakes as its National Day. Wow 🙂


Surprise No.5

A while later, a waitress presented another complimentary dessert ! Ice cream with Chocolate Art on plate. We were overwhelmed by the thoughfulness and spirit of the restaurant. Totally won us over and we would rate 20/10 for their service. Look at the happy look on Leia!


The little girl began to savour her dessert. She was too quick and I wasn’t in time to take a picture of the creative art.


Surprise No. 6

A waiter opened the door for us and before we made our exit, the gentleman asked if Leia wants a Singapore Flag Sticker Tattoo. Sure! However they were no more stickers and another waiter gave Leia two lollipops!

Besides the surprises, the charismatic boss and friendly manager had chat with the men at our table. Jacky took the opportunity to praise their food, excellent service and everything about the restaurant.

I like the high ceiling and industrial design of the restaurant. They have the effiel tower 1664 beer too. Almost ordered the tower but Bret was concerned about alcohol level and driving so we got ourselves a jug of beer. Shall do effiel tower next time.

Eating seafood from the table was something I wanted to try. I am very pleased to have my first experience at The Boiler. The restaurant has set very high standards because of their quality of food and outstanding service which I think its tough for other restaurants to match.

We were told it is better to make reservation. Yes, we will 🙂

The Boiler

18 Howard Rd
#01-06, Novelty Bizcentre
Singapore 369585

Tel: +65 6635 1285

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