Pony & Scooter

Bret has been thinking of bringing Leia out with her scooter and today is the day. He drove us to Pasir Ris Park and I further excite our little pumpkin by telling her about pony ride.

Its her 2nd time at Gallop Stable and she picked a pink helmet. On the pony, she was steady and all smiles.


Bret was walking besides her as I video-ed and took pictures. Here is a clip of Leia riding the pony.

After a round of pony ride, we walked over to the ranch where Leia fed the white pony. Whenever the pony’s tongue touches her little hand, she gets giggly yet at the same time, whined about dirty. Fret not, there is a hose available to wash hands.

Next, Leia and her purple scooter.


We get to enjoy fresh outdoor air as she rides freely at the park. Usually, she would ride her scooter within our place. Could see that she is really enjoying herself.


Bret and I took a relaxing stroll watching our girl from behind. Not only was she faster, she loves the thrill of riding her scooter down the slopes.

With Bret’s safety instructions, Leia rode down the slopes several times. She would go, “One more time?” Seeing the joy in our little pumpkin’s face, we nodded with smile. Her laughter made every family moment count.

Weather turned a bit grey and time to call it a day for outdoor fun.

“It is the Best Day Ever!”, said Leia

I think I want to visit other branches of Gallop Stable next time.

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