Been a long time since I watch Mediacorp 9pm drama. Recently, I chanced upon “祖先保佑” and I was hooked. Last night, we went Tampines 201 and passed by a new chinese hk pastry shop. Could be the drama, we saw a constant crowd in front of the shop.

“饼皮薄, 人情厚”


We bought 老婆饼 (Wife’s Cake), Thousand Layers Egg Tarts & Hot Dog Pizza Bun. Nice.

The most popular version of the story behind the wife cake is:

During imperial China, a husband and wife are very rich in the amount of love for each other, but very poor in material wealth.  The wife’s father-in law falls ill and requires medical attention.  Unfortunately, the couple does not have enough money.  The wife gives the ultimate gift of love – by selling herself as a slave to fund the medical care for her father in law.  When the husband finds out, he creates a pastry with sweetened winter melon and almond – dedicating the pastry to the memory to his wife.  The wife cake (lao po bing) gains such popularity that the husband is able to buy his wife back and cure his father of his ailment.

Maybe someday I can try to make Wife’s Cake.

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