Ah Chew Desserts

Food makes people happy and this week, I am delighted to have my cravings satisfied and explored new places too. Best Friend B and I had Lenu Taiwan Beef Noodle by Paradise Group. I tried the Spicy Broth while B ordered the Authentic Beef Broth. The latter was a better choice. After beef noodles, B led me to Ah Chew Desserts at Liang Seah Street.

When I saw a queue, I was like.. oh no. Then we sat in an air-conditioned environment decorated with chinese lanterns and ancient ornaments. I love desserts in chinese bowls and was looking forward to mine. We had Fresh Milk Steamed with Egg and shared the Almond Paste with Peanut Dumplings.

Screen Shot 2014-08-09 at 1.08.44 am

Will bring my parents there next time.

Ah Chew Dessert
#01-10/11 Liang Seah Place
1 Liang Seah Street
Singapore 189022
tel +65 6339 8198

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