Baby Chef: Mini Crossaints

In my Danish Pastry post, I mentioned Crossaints and Friday night was just the perfect pastry time. Took out the ready made pastry dough, I cut out long triangles and rolled them up to a crossiant shape.

Family bonding moment involves learning and doing an activity together. So I roped in Leia & Bret. Here’s our mini imperfect crossaints shaped with family fun & love.

image I skipped the egg-wash. Lined my Air Fryer with Baking Paper and set 180 degree celcius for 18-20mins. image Looked a lot better in real. And I have stored these mini crossaints in an air-tight container. Will heat up before serving. Great for breakfast or afternoon tea or snacks for the man & little girl.

The first ever crossiant sandwich I had was from Delifrance. How not to fall in love with the layers of buttery flaky pastry.

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