Weekend Family Time

Last night Bret and I talked about Leia coming to us for different purpose and activities.

Every morning she wakes him up and goes to him whenever she needs to get nails cut, hair combed, ear wax removed and toileting. A hands-on father as well as sports coach to her while I engage in literacy, arts and baking activities with Leia.

Recently, Leia enjoys writing letters and numbers. I would say a letter or number and she confidently writes with a smile. A hint that she has interest to spell and form words. Night time, Leia comes to me and we would read storybooks together. Bedtime for us consists of books and imaginative story.

During tv time on weekend, Bret takes out tub of ice cream and shares with only one spoon. The darling dad feeds us and ice cream taste sweeter.

Leia ever said, “Papa you are busy, let me hold the ice cream . I won’t eat it.”

Maybe she won’t but Bret did not give into her cheeky request.

Housework is an activity that involves the three of us. Leia helps me to toss the laundry into the washing machine, Bret and I hang the clothes onto dryer and when the clothes are dry, Leia and I takes the clothes down and fold together. Dinner time, I cook and Bret washes the dishes. Mirroring her parents, Leia had ever brought her stool to the basin and washed her own bowl and spoon.

What makes me most happy was that she does her part by keeping toys on her own. Positive reinforcement works wonders. However, when it comes to eating on her own… sometimes she takes a long time. And we had to say “If you don’t.., I will …”  I supposed that is a last resort commonly used in parenting. Children tend to be themselves at home. Should I just let her be?

I would love to have a long break with Leia and Bret at home. Weekend is just not enough.

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