Tao Seafood Asia with Parents

One early morning, I noticed a missed call from best friend B. Then, she called again, “I want to ask if you want to eat Shark Fin!” Wow, my first question of day.

And so, I told Bret I want to bring my parents to the restaurant. Leia and my sister joined us too.

First dish was Crispy Skin with Salted Egg Sauce. I was tempted to order another plate.  Then the Premium Shark Fins with Crab Meat arrived. The waitress addedsprayed Gordon Bleu into the shark fin. Thats something new for us.


Next, we had the Pot of Chicken in Caramelised wine. Name of the dish was enticing but I wasn’t impressed.  Tried Crab with Glass Noodles and I love the succulent crab meat. No wonder B told me people called the restaurant to reserve the crabs.

For me, the biggest drawback would be the location. Although we managed to find the way, I prefer a straight forward and easy to remember route.

Still, thank you B for the reccomendation!

Tao Seafood Asia

12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2 #02-10

Tel: 6844 9969

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