Chin Mei Chin with Parents

Today is thursday and I want to spend the entire day with my parents and sis. Brought them to Teck Porridge for lunch and then… Chin Mei Chin along East Coast Road. As we walked towards the confectionery, we could smell bread and cakes. The aroma reminded my mum of her younger days as a child.

Hainanese mini pastries.


Besides pastries, we have kaya toast. Took quite a while for our toast and coffee to arrive.

My mum spotted the brand of the butter and said its her favourite. I like their home made kaya and signature round buns. So simple yet so unforgetable. My mum and I stock up their kaya for some Chin Mei Chin moment at home.


And the aroma of coffee is alluring. I don’t drink coffee but if I do, I would have coffee black also known as kopi-o.


Together with soft-boiled eggs, it is the perfect afternoon tea in the traditional local coffeeshop. My mum was amused by the 1950s flooring, furnitures and items in the coffeeshop. She pointed to the clock on the wall, “That clock must be at least 40 years old!”

There are not many traditional coffeeshops left in Singapore and I am glad to be here. However due to limited seatings accompanied with the constant flow of people keep, we left immediately after we were done with toast and kopi.

Nevertheless, I still like the old-school coffeeshop.

Chin Mee Chin Confectionery
204 East Coast Road Singapore
Tue–Sun: 8am – 4.30pm
(Closed on Mondays)

3 thoughts on “Chin Mei Chin with Parents

  1. Hi ! Saw that u went in the afternoon .. I’m thinking of going in the afternoon but only free after 2. Just wondering if they still have pastries left or limited amount ?

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