Friday Dinner

Almost every Friday, Bret will ask to dine out. Filling our stomach with comfort food to usher weekend. At 5pm, we pick up Leia from school and then bring her out for meals. The little girl is talking so much now… Bret asked if she brushed her teeth in the morning and I saw an energetic girl replying in great pride, “I learnt how to brush my teeth in Mindchamps! Mindchamps!

At Dian Xiao Er, we were seated next to the full glass window. Leia pointed towards the office buildings,

“I can see Mindchamps! and maybe my friend Sonia can see me. She will say, “Good afternoon Leia!” and then I wave to her. So funny, right?”

Like her mummy, Leia loves soup. Like her daddy, she loves meat.

herbal duck

The rice was moist and soft, just right for her. She finished the bowl of rice with meat all by herself. Well done, Leia.

Back at home, we showered and spent quality time colouring, reading together. She requested to watch Super Why on youtube. I think its a good program on phonics and reading so I agreed.

Ended our night hugging each other to sleep.

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