Haba: Facial Mask & Collagen Drink

Having instagram and following inspiring beautiful people made me curious about the products they use. I have passed by Haba countless times but never walked in until I saw recent instagram posts raving about the addictive-free skincare.

Haba adopts Additive –Free philosophy and takes pride in developing products that do include “harmful and unnecessary ingredients that may cause irritation to skin or cancer-causing agents. For more info, click here.

The beauty consultant was easy to talk to and she shared her personal experience with Haba products. I like that she does not oversell and is honest about which products she did not try. So, here’s my new addition of masks for Bret and myself.


Previously I was using laneige water bank and since I need to replenish my facial mask, I decided to try something new. Having new skincare always motivate me to quickly go home wash up.

2-Way Gel has natural warming effect to promote skin metabolism and clean clogged pores. Very comforting as I did a mini facial massage. Leave on for 2-3 min and then rinse. My skin felt softer. After that I applied the given samples, Deep Moisture Lotion(Moisturing Serum) & then Squa10(Anti-Aging Moisturiser).

Before I sleep, I had a bottle of Firming Lift-Up Beauty. My first collagen-Placenta drink, its a calling to firm up my skin and body.


The beauty consultant advised drinking continously for two months and then after, alternate days to maintain. She gave me two bottles of complimentary Moist White Beauty.

Next day, my skin was smooth and moisturised.

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