Dayout with Best Friend B

Had oxtail lunch with best friend at Shashilk restaurant. We were missing out the laughter of dear vbff, Caiyan. Happy us used to lunch together at this place. Russian food run by hainanese family.

Done with lunch, we went around orchard shopping. I was the spender for the afternoon. We stepped into ysl boutique at ion and I had a “face lifting” moment. At takshimaya, I did my virgin purchase of Haba products. B was given “Tetsubun Gumi”, basically gummi bears for pregnant ladies to replenish iron. Nice gesture from the beauty consultant. In two months time, we will get to see a charming little prince! Woohoo!

The hours of shopping left us thirsty and so I brought her to Wrap and Roll for vietnamese rice rolls. We had the best smoothies ever.

For dinner, we had a very satisfying Mookata at east coast road. It was her first time and she was so very pleased with the marinated meat and I love the soup as always. I have only tried the mookata here, gotta explore elsewhere. My upcoming date will be Agnes next week.

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