Ben & Jerry: Strawberry Cheesecake

When I cook, Bret assumes the task of washing dishes. I didn’t have to ask him to wash 🙂 And this weekend, I made breakfast, lunch and dinner at home.

Until yesterday, we decided to dine out at Changi Village Food Centre. No need for washing of dishes, I get to satisfy my cravings for sambal sotong, lala and bbq wings. Leia loves the wanton noodle very much.

Dinner was very heavy so we took a relaxing stroll at changi beach looking out for airplanes. Somehow, the feeling of bringing Leia out at night is fun in a different way compared to day time.

When we finished our walk, Bret thought of bringing Leia to eat gelato ice cream. Becoming a routine to have ice cream after dinner. However the nearest cafe was closed so he suggested getting ice cream from the provision shop at our place.

Ben & Jerry was the choice! Leia only eats chocolate ice cream so we got her a mini tub while Bret and I had a pint of Strawberry Cheesecake.

My all-time favourite and I thought Bret wouldn’t like the flavour. I could see the hesitant look in his eyes when my hand was on Strawberry Cheesecake.


Seriously, I could finish the whole pint to myself. Bret tried and said “Ben & Jerry Ice Cream is really good!” And he began to scoop the ice cream continously…oh no, I can’t have it all.

He is a solid chocolate ice cream lover and cream coloured ice cream always turns him off. But this time he was surprised by the delightful taste in his mouth.

Too good … and its true. I like it better than the real strawberry cheesecake. We finished the pint before Argentina scored the semi-final qualifying goal.

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