Note idea

Lately, Best Friend B and I have been meeting a lot for lunches and dinners. One of the best lunch we had was Imperial Treasure, we were upgraded to a vip room because the restaurant was full. Yesterday we had japanese food for lunch and we were happiest having our ice cream served.


Most of the time, we go on dutch. And interestingly, we have been passing this Singapore Ship Series $10 dollar note to each other. I told her that we are not to use the $10 note and see how long can we pass this one note to each other. The lady intrigued by the idea agreed immediately.

“We laugh at the Dumbest joke, Put up with each other Worst Moods, Go along with the Craziest Ideas and that makes the Most Amazing Best Friends.”

Having our children in the same school was something we casually mentioned when we were still single.

Feel blessed that Best Friend B and I were able to attend the school parties, excursions and year end concert together. Couple of times, we sent and picked up our girls together. Like us, Leia and Shevon cannot have enough of each other and witnessing their growing friendship builds meaningful joy in us.

I am both thankful and amazed to see our series of happy thoughts happening. More to come, I am sure.

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