Leia at N2B – Jan to May 2014

Every mid year means Parent-Teacher Meeting Session. Apart from useful updates from the teachers, I received a English and Mandarin detailed report about Leia’s progress in school, her worksheets, arts and crafts as well as a CD-Rom filled with her pictures.

There are days where Leia was absent so her teachers asked me to revise the worksheets which were missed. Twice a week, I will take out Mindchamps worksheets. Pretty interesting.

Here’s a video made for my girl. Bret and I could see that she is having so much fun learning with her friends in school. When Leia grows up, she can view the wonderful pictures of her days in Mindchamps.

Special credit to her lovely teachers and school.

Mindchamps is full day preschool. Every afternoon the school has enrichment programs for the children such as gym, speech and drama, gourmet and music appreciation. Having her enrichment time on weekdays means we have the whole of weekend to ourselves too!

Once upon a time, my parents and in-law were against the idea of putting Leia in a full day childcare. They named out many reasons like don’t stress Leia, long hours, falling ill. A year passed, they were amazed and witnessed the positive personal development in Leia. Now, the grandparents are very proud to tell everyone Leia learns a lot from school. I knew they would understand!

“A mother will know whats best for her children.”

Glad to have Leia in Mindchamps 🙂

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