Foodie Friday

Yesterday I had a bbq gathering with my boss and colleagues. The food was really tasty and I am thankful for the good time. Gonna order from EZ BBQ for my own barbeque session.

At 8pm, Bret and Leia picked me up from east coast park and then we went mil’s thai restaurant for dinner. Restaurant was packed again. Mil and Aunt Roslyn were elated to see us and we had dinner together.

It was hilarious to see my little girl attempting to take order from a table of adults.


Our 3.8 year old did experienced real-life cashier moment. The guests were smiling warmly as they went up to Leia & Aunt Roslyn for payment.

A father told his possibly 7-yr old daughter, “She is the young boss.” 

After dinner, we went to my cousin’s newly opened ice cream cafe, The Hideout.  Knowing Cousn Daniel has a day business, we were both surprised and glad to see him at the cafe. The first impression for the cafe was, blissful and cozy.


Double chocolate was finished. I decided to have Salted Caramel & Bret chose Peppermint on our Buttermilk Waffle.


The cafe was crowded with happy people. We overheard patrons behind us commenting the waffle is good. Indeed, I like the ice cream even more! According to Cousin Daniel, his partner went Italy to learn Gelato. Woo hoo! No wonder the ice cream is so addictive.


Leia and Bret finished the ice cream and waffle in no time. So happy, she asked me to take a picture of her. We really like the cafe. A cheerful environment and great for hangout.

Must-Try Desserts! The Hideout, at Blk 32 Cassia Crescent #01-50

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