May’s Curry Chicken

My friend CK invited me to his place for a lunch prepared by his beautiful wife, May. The sweetest-looking lady has a rare talent for culinary. She amazed me with her thoughtfulness and creativity.

Home cooked Curry with Prata.


The potatoes are brillantly cooked and I had 2 bowls of curry. Instead of bread and rice, she pan fried crispy prata to go along with curry. May did not add coconut mik to the gravy yet this is one of the best curry I have ever had.

As I indulged in the delicious meal, I praised May and reminded CK how fortunate he is. I am sure many of his friend said the same too 🙂

After lunch, May served a plate of Thai Mangoes. Yummy.


And because it is such joy to enjoy May’s cooking, I encouraged the couple to consider the concept of “Private Kitchen”.

To be continued …

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