True Fitness

Recently, I signed up a fitness package with my long-time friend, Meiling. She is one of the top consultants at True Fitness. I approached Meiling on facebook and asked her about the rates over the phone and she was confident that I will like the environment of True Fitness. Only took me one or two sec to agree signing up the package over the phone.


Although Meiling is my friend, I find her professional and customer-oriented. She is located at Raffles Place but her appointment is all over sg. Meiling gave me a gym tour and the package proposed is very attractive according to my friends who are members of True Fitness.

For my readers, do mention my name or blog when you look for Meiling at True Fitness. You may ask for Free Trial Lesson! 

The welcome gift was a generous pack of retail vouchers. I am going to use the complimentary massage & facial. She gave me lots of other freebies and even when I told her I don’t need the gym bag, she insists I take home because the material is very good.

Booking class is so convenient now. I downloaded True App to view class schedules. Thats something I like a lot.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 7.24.02 pm

After a session of Hot Yoga, my face glowed and it was nice to see my long-lost rosy cheeks.

Best of all, stomach flatter!

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