Look Who’s Talking: Uncle Rowen

Best Friend B’s hubby is great with kids. In a “military-commanding” tone, he interacts with the little girls.


Uncle R: “I am going to tell the story of Alibaba & the 40 Thieves.”

The story begun and suddenly he asked, “Leia, do you know what is Thief?”

Leia replied immediately: “Teeths for bitting food!”

Uncle R shocked while I told B, “Leia was probably imagining Alibaba and 40 teeths!”

B and I couldn’t stop laughing 🙂

Leia: “Uncle Rowen, Are you long?”

Uncle R: “No, I’m short.”

B and I laughed again!

Uncle R: “I mean my hair is short.”

Approaching 10pm… the girls knew it was time to go home and they couldn’t bear to part.

Leia: “Mummy, I want to go Shevon house”

Mummy S: “Shevon is going to sleep, we go another day.”

Shevon: “I want to go Leia house”

Mummy B: “Another day k.”

Leia: “Shevon, I talk to you. Do you want to come my house?”

Shevon: “Yes!”


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