Sushi Tei & Ball

Whenever we ask Leia what does she wants for dinner, we hear “Tamago”, “Tobiko”.

Our girl recognises Tampines 1 and we were there for Sushi Tei to satisfy our sushi cravings. As usual, we had to queue.

15-20 mins passed… we were ushered to counter bar.


Leia’s appetite was very good. She was busy with ramen, sushi and chawanmushi. Both father and daughter played “Sissor, Paper, Stone” while waiting for me to finish Sukiyaki.

After dinner, Leia stepped into a toy shop. She found a bouncing ball and our conversation,

Mummy S: “how much is the ball?”

Leia replied:”10 dollars!”

Good guess, the price is $9.90 🙂

Happy little girl went home with a ball she likes.

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