New Friend C

Few nights ago, I was in a social meeting at a hotel lounge. On the table was, Predator. I met an energetic, highly motivated female entreprenuer. C is another smart, outspoken libra. Throughout the night, she injects high energy into the group conversation while as usual, I am the dreamy, other-worldly and calm person. The moment I told her I am a pisces, she knew I would somehow drift away in a group conversation.

The 27 year-old was sharing her recent encounter at work. I heard several accounting jargons and impressive knowledge about the world of business. I remembered  during my early 20s, I was once upbeat about the topic of career and business ideas. Approached late 20s, I found a different self.

These days, I make a point to do what makes me and the people around me happy. And something constant in life, doing my best in what I do at work.

I am thankful to have met a new friend as I love meeting people with good hearts.


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