Dayout with Leia

Began my Saturday with work and then family time with my little girl. Besides her favourite chicken rice at Thien Kee Steamboat, the highlight of the day was getting her a scooter.

For months, she’s been asking for scooter and I told her to wait. Because she’s been behaving very well, she gets a surprise reward!

Leia explored Toy R Us, the mega toyland. We found a purple scooter for her.

Next was …. ice cream at Haagen Dazz. New facelift at Tampines Mall outlet, there is a 30% off for special opening.

We waited quite a while and I asked Bret to check if anyone was preparing our ice cream. Soon we were served with complimentary cookies accompanied with sincere apologies from the staffs.

Leia ate like cookie monster. The cookies were kinda hard but she likes.


And soon, we have ice cream on our table.


I wanted to fascinate Leia with dry ice effect so ordered the Mystic. We let Leia choose another ice cream from the menu.


Ice cream at Haagen Dazz always irresistable. Leia was very focused and three of us finished all in no time.

There’s just something about bringing Leia out at night. Used to hang out with friends at the mall but now, my daughter.

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