Surprise from them 2014

In the evening of Mother’s Day, I was in the shower pampering myself with scrubs and hair mask. Then suddenly Leia came into bathroom asking me to hurry.

I told her I am not done yet. By the third time, Leia whispered softly: “Mummy… Papa has a gift for you. Can you faster come out?”

Sure, I got out of bathroom dressed in pj and Leia ran into the bedroom excitedly.

She went “Here !This is from papa and me”


Wooo.. his 1st time teaming up with Leia to surprise me. Bret told me my shower time is the perfect opportunity to get Leia to write message with him.


And Leia drew something else for me.


A bunny with lollipop and flowers!

Thank you Mr & Miss Khoo 🙂

We have yet to celebrate Mother’s Day with my mother-in-law. Her restuarant is always busy on special occassions hence we usually schedule earlier or later.  Whenever we experienced conflicts in handling matters, we always try to compromise and give in to each other because we are family.

I am grateful to have her as my mother-in-law and I always remember her hardship and abundance of love in raising my husband.

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