Mother’s Day at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes 2014

Celebrated the special day with my parents at Todai, Marina Bay Sands Shoppes. They love seafood and its Alaska, King and Red Crab season.


My mum was overjoyed to see her little darling Leia.

From It was Mom,

“Every heartbeat begins with a mom who willingly accepted the divine role. They’s got job, sticky sleepless and soul stretching career. From 9 months, 90 months, 90 years, she tells us right from wrong, left from right, baking soda to baking powder. She slept little and worried much. She laughed, lathered, rinsed and repeated and repeated. Who taught us to love God, to love others and to love ourselves. Who prayed with us, who prayed for us and who read to us and taught us what the words mean. It was mom.” 

Love my mother and even though she nags, I am still proud of my mother and I thank God for making her my mom.

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