Her Fingerprint Art in School

I was around Leia’s school and decided to pick her up at 4.30pm but she still has some activities to do.

Can you spot Leia?


She was practicing writing some chinese characters. Her chinese teacher suggested that I wait at the reception area. Peeping through the window, I distracted other children.

So I walked away and found art work of nursery 2 class.  They did finger printing.


Theme for the term is insect and here is Leia’s art work.


No wonder she’s been asking to do finger printing.

2 thoughts on “Her Fingerprint Art in School

  1. Hi

    My girl just joined MC last Friday and yesterday, I saw her doing a similar art piece like Leia. So far, so good and she’s enjoying herself in the new centre. I am really amazed by your girl’s development in reading!

    • Hi Theresa,

      Thank you for dropping by 🙂 I really like mindchamps a lot and glad to know your girl is having a good time in the centre. I was surprised when she first read the book to me. Gotta video the moment and show the kids when they grow up in future!

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