Grandma Audrey and Leia at Zoo Excursion

It was mini beast theme for this semester so the school organized an excursion to the zoo. Previously my mum accompanied Leia to a vegetable farm excursion and she enjoyed very much. So this time when I told her I might not want to go zoo with Leia again, my mum insisted on going to the excursion with her precious grand daughter.

They took the big, luxurious 5-star coach to the zoo.


I taught my mum how to use Canon G12 and she took many shots at the excursion. Grandma Audrey managed to take pictures of Leia and her friends.

Here is Leia and her best friend in class. Teacher told me they like to hold hands for a long time and run around the class together.


And here’s Leia and the rest of her classmates. Leia does not really like to play with boys however Teacher says the boy whom she is holding hand with, is more mature so they do play together in class.

Curious me asked Teacher, “What do you mean by mature…?”

I was told the boy is quite a gentleman for his age and he does not snatch toys and run away.


Then it was time for the kids to watch animal show.

Leia saw this photo of her teacher and herself and she told me she likes the picture very much.


Every now and then, my little girl tells me she likes her teacher and whenever something interesting happened at home or our outings, my little girl tells me she wants to tell her teacher.


So this was the python in Mandai Zoo that kept the children and adults captivated. Took four person to carry the python.


Did a short video of Leia and her Friends at Zoo here.

My mum told me she likes Mindchamps a lot because of the principal, staffs and teachers. They are warm-hearted and caring. We have never seen a more dedicated and hands-on Principal.

I was surprised to know that the Principal personally picks and brings children to the school bus. In the last Rapunzel play, there was not enough seats in the coach. All the teachers were seated and she was the only one standing making sure everyone are seated comfortably. I had Leia on my lap and offered her a seat. She was very thankful.

My mum says she gets along well with the principal as she is very humble and thoughtful. I cannot agree enough too.

There is another event coming up, Mother’s Day. Last year, the school invited a professional grooming instructor to hold a grooming workshop for mothers and this year, its Zumba. I planned to skip the Zumba and attend the event as I think Leia will be performing something for Mother’s Day.

I have also received a confirmation slip for next excursion at Sentosa, Butterfly and Insect Kingdom in May.

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